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                          Company Name:Ouya Jewelry Packaging Co.

                          Contact:Miss Hu


                          Mobile phone:15986384777



                          address:3156, 3/F, Block B, Xijiao Building, No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

                          URL :  www.gomezehijos.com  

                          Jewelry box

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                          Jewelry box

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                          Jewelry box
                          Jewelry box

                          Jewelry gift packaging is an important classification in paper packaging. Although it has only a simple independent canopy and floor structure, the structural advantages of the lid separation greatly meet the packaging and transportation needs. Moreover, jewelry gift packaging also has the advantages of strong pressure resistance, high production efficiency, low cost, and automatic mass production. Currently, it is favored by many high-end brands.

                          common problem:

                          Question 1: Is the distance too far?

                          A: The distance is no longer a problem. Now logistics and express delivery are so convenient. It can be reached in one day in Guangdong Province. It can be reached within 2-3 days outside the province. We do both at home and abroad.

                          Question 2: I will not design, can you provide design services?

                          A: It is ok. We have professional designers to provide you with design services for free.

                          Question 3: How is your print printed?

                          A: Our printed materials are generally packed in kraft paper, then packed in cardboard boxes and then sealed with a film to ensure the safety of product transportation. If customers have special requirements for packaging, they can be packaged according to customer requirements.

                          Question 4: Is your print price expensive?

                          A: Under the same quality of the same product - our price is lower than the same industry! If you are the ones that are poor in paper quality and the color difference is very serious, the price of a small company that is printed rather than printed is compared with us, then our price is indeed expensive because we are not at the same level.

                          Is our product quality and service good? It’s not that we have the final say, only you have personally experienced it, I’m looking forward to your call 020-81070450

                          The address of this article:http://www.gomezehijos.com/en/product/822.html

                          Key word:珠宝首饰包装盒

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                          address:3156, 3/F, Block B, Xijiao Building, No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


                          Mobile phone:15986384777


                          URL :  www.gomezehijos.com  

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