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                          The relationship between jewelry packaging props and accessories?

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                          The relationship between jewelry packaging props and accessories?

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                          In addition to jewelry packaging props and jewelry labels in jewelry packaging products placed in jewelry stores, many people will ignore the role of decorations. In fact, the use of decorations in the clothing industry is a mature industry rule, especially in the window display, here also tells you about the use of jewellery jewelry packaging props and decorations. Jewelry gift packaging company through a few cases for everyone to explain one by one, I hope to have some effect on the jewelry store decoration.


                          Since the vertical distance of the inner diameter of the general jewelry sales counter is 250mm, the vertical space that can be used in combination with the jewelry display board is particularly small, and as the main jewelry display area, a large amount of jewelry is laid, so the jewelry packaging here is here. The props are the majority, and the decorations can only be used in small sizes, similar to acrylic carvings, pillows, etc. Jewelry packaging props design is the focus of the sales counter.


                          In the jewellery window, especially the window next to the door, the space is large enough. The following window designs include jewellery packaging props and decorations.

                          The jewellery display is to show the main characteristics of the jewelry, so the props and lighting must meet this condition. Jade jade jewelry needs to show a transparent and transparent effect. Jewelry packaging props generally use dark color, which gives the jade a deep background. It requires the lighting to illuminate the jewels and the mild environment. This is the sales cabinet. Use less LED strips and replace them with warm-colored spotlights.


                          Silver jewelry, the characteristics of gold itself is what we need, then it is required to have a strong reflection, the jewelry packaging company suggests to be a bit dazzling, to achieve the bright effect, the gold props generally we will use red, silver jewelry to use acrylic, and the light It is white light, the color is cold, in addition to the ceiling light, the LED light bar must be matched at the sales counter. The price of diamond products is relatively expensive, and the model number is relatively small. In the diamond props, we will use the parts to display, highlighting its personality, the lighting layering is very important, we will use spotlights, LED lights, downlights to express.

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                          address:3156, 3/F, Block B, Xijiao Building, No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


                          Mobile phone:15986384777


                          URL :  www.gomezehijos.com  

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