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                          What are the requirements for jewelry packaging props to meet the jewelry?

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                          What are the requirements for jewelry packaging props to meet the jewelry?

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                          What are the requirements for jewelry packaging props to meet the jewelry?

                          1. The packaging guarantees the same color of the jewelry. The gold and silver jewellery is very shiny after the process of polishing and glazing. Why is the gold and silver jewellery that has not been sold out in a year still still shiny?

                          2, the packaging should ensure that the jewelry is not damaged by the external sharp things. To be honest, the density of gold, silver and platinum in the metal is not high, that is, it is easy to be deformed, and it is easy to be smashed. On the contrary, it is because of the moderate density that it is easier to cut and beautiful. However, the packaging requirements for it are also relatively high.

                          3. After the gold and silver jewelry packaging props satisfy the protection function of the jewelry, the design also needs to consider the sales function of the packaging. Because gold and silver jewellery is widely sought after by women, and there is a supreme and pure special feeling for married jewellery, it is no exception in packaging. Must meet the psychological characteristics of women.


                          The structure of the jewelry packaging props:

                          1, gold and silver jewelry anti-rust bags

                          When you buy jewelry, you will find a transparent bag. Don't look at it's small size and thin thickness. However, it can block the inside of the jewelry and the air in the air by sealing the metal object. , cl and other contaminants are in contact. It also volatilizes rust-preventing particles to protect each part of the packaged item from protection, so it is generally possible to prevent the formation of rust from silver, copper, gold, aluminum and semiconductor components. And if it is not taken apart, it can be rust-proof for more than two years. Therefore, if the purchased silver jewelry is stored for preservation, this rust-proof film should not be lost.

                          However, when it comes to rust, the jewelry that is generally purchased rarely sees rust, and it will become tarnished after being worn for a long time due to erosion by sweat, rain, or lotion.

                          2, gold and silver jewelry box

                          The packaging boxes on the market are generally wooden boxes, cartons, plastic boxes, and metal boxes. In terms of the protection function, it is convenient for the carton, because the shape is high-grade, the lining of the inner lining in the package is not easy to be picked up when the jewelry is put on. It is also widely used in jewelry and jewelry.

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                          address:3156, 3/F, Block B, Xijiao Building, No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


                          Mobile phone:15986384777


                          URL :  www.gomezehijos.com  

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